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intelligent assistance system for "robotic surgery"

One of the main components of this intelligent assistance system for minimally invasive surgery, the arm is made ​​of carbon fiber. The AKTORmedTM system allows the surgeon a stable and shake-free field of view - even in extreme endoscope positions.

"The Red Dot Design Award" winning wheelchair

Working in co-operation with competitive sportsmen, sportswomen and orthopaedists, we have developed a wheelchair, resulting in a monocoque chassis with well thought-out design made of carbon fibre. Just nine kg "light", this wheelchair is suited in form and function for "active" wheelchair users as well as for those participating in sports.

Christian Becker received the international designers award "The Red Dot Design Award" for developing this wheelchair.
The design for a racing wheelchair intended for use in the marathon at the 2004 Special Olympics in Athens also comes from the Becker organisation.

In addition to other mass-produced items, components for wheelchairs are also produced. The further development and manufacture of walkers made of carbon fibre are in the pipeline.

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