mechanical and measurement engineering

Light and strong: correctly used, carbon fibre offers new approaches for many applications in the planning, designing and manufacture of machine parts as well as in measuring engineering.

We have set new standards not only in realisation for customers but also for our own developments. Our high-tech profile presently has the greatest first off-tool accuracy: 0.005 mm, and that with continuous repetition.
An alidade developed at our organisation for index arm measuring machines has opened up new fields of application. Through perfect realisation of the arm in carbon, we have managed to increase the measuring range by a sensational 60%. It would not be possible to realise this with classic metal designs. The first off-tool accuracy is below 0.03 mm with deflection and torsion.

In the fields of mechanical engineering and measuring engineering, a very large range of uses (already existing in many cases as a basic concept) are presenting themselves for carbon fibre materials, the properties of which are far superior to many other materials. Know-how and experience are necessary to realise such potential. You will find both borne out at Becker Carbon through the successful realisation of many reference projects.



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